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Florida DrupalCamp 2013

Sat. April 20, 2013 @ Florida Technical College in Orlando, FL

Build a Complete Business App with Webform Module

Site Building
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Webform is an amazing and very versatile Drupal module, and you can do a lot by just configuring it. But did you know that with just a little bit of code, you can do a lot more? Such as:

  • Generating template-based PDFs from webform submission data
  • Attaching the generated PDF to the outgoing webform email
  • Adding custom attributes to webform components for all kinds of amazing functionality, such as:
    • Add configurable JavaScript behavior to webform components
    • Add an additional CC/BCC address to an email address component (this address gets a copy of emails)
    • Make a select option "single use" (e.g. a seat that goes out of inventory once selected in a webform submission)
    • Attach a "price" to a webform option
    • and much more ...

This session will walk you through the process of building an app by configuring webform module forms that model your business process (for example, taking orders on the web), write a small module to enhance your webform components (such as attaching price), and then generate template-based PDFs from the submitted webform data and attach them to the email that goes out.

About Jitesh Doshi

Jitesh Doshi has been hacking Linux since 1993, Java since 1996 and when he saw Drupal in 2009, he fell in love! He got hooked on Drupal hooks. He has built large frameworks in Java, and used several dozens of them. But still wishes there was something like Drupal in Java. Until then he will put up with PHP ;-)