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Florida DrupalCamp 2013

Sat. April 20, 2013 @ Florida Technical College in Orlando, FL

Drupal 8: A peek under the hood

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Now that the Drupal 8 feature freeze is in our rear view mirror, it is time to see what's under the hood. Whether you are new to Drupal or just wondering what to look forward to in the next version, you will get an introduction to Drupal 8, which will be released later this year.

In this session we will cover what's new in Drupal 8, including how to install the latest dev version locally, and a demo of some of the new functionality in Drupal 8.

The main topics include:

- What's new in Drupal 8
- Differences between Drupal 7 & 8
- Installing Acquia Dev Desktop locally and importing the latest Drupal 8 dev version
- A short walkthrough Drupal 8 core

About Hector Iribarne

Active member of the South Florida Drupal community. Started with Drupal in 2007 with Drupal 5. Focusing now exclusively on Drupal 8. Interests include Drupal, CoWorking and building communities.