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Florida DrupalCamp 2013

Sat. April 20, 2013 @ Florida Technical College in Orlando, FL

Drupal for Publishers: How to build a better newsroom CMS

Site Building
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Drupal is all about content management, which makes it perfect for all sorts of media outlets. But those outlets, whether newspaper, television, or magazine, have specific needs that need to be considered when building a Drupal site.

In this session we will cover how to build a killer Drupal-based web site that covers the needs of any modern media organization.

Topics of interest:

  • Editorial workflows: Allowing quick publishing while still maintaining editorial judgement and reviews.
  • Image management: Images are just as important as the written word. We'll discuss how to setup image management with a publishing house in mind.
  • Taxonomy architecture: All sites set up multiple vocabularies but how these terms are chosen and linked together on publishing houses can differ. We'll look at a base setup of vocabularies/layout and what benefits this setup provides.
  • Automating with overrides: Most editors will want manual control over a site but manpower doesn't always allow for constant manual updating. We'll look at how you can use Drupal to keep automation but still provide manual overrides in certain situations.
  • Implementing responsive advertising: Publishing houses' main source of revenue is advertising. Ads are notoriously difficult on grid or responsive layouts. We'll look at implementations to help relieve this pain.
  • Caching: How to maintain quick updates to the front-end while still maintaining caches.

After this session you'll have a baseline architecture for building a successful publishing site within Drupal 7 that allows for quick updates and addresses many needs that publishers don't even realize they need.

Speaker: Kevin Basarab brings over 7 years of newspaper experience from the content production side, to the migration of newsrooms from custom legacy CMS into Drupal and to upgrading newsrooms to major Drupal releases.

About Kevin Basarab

Drupaler since Drupal 5. Specializing in newspaper and publishing systems. From Jacksonville, FL and co-founder of the Jacksonville Drupal Users Group.