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Florida DrupalCamp 2013

Sat. April 20, 2013 @ Florida Technical College in Orlando, FL

Can RedHen hold all of your contacts in one basket?

Site Building
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What is a CRM and who needs one? It is a contact relationship management module that lets you manage BOTH authenticated site user and anonymous user contact information. We will briefly discuss how RedHen is different from CiviCRM, SugarCRM, CRM Core, and Party.

Ok, so what is RedHen CRM? It is an open source CRM framework built natively in Drupal. It is packed with Association Management (AMS) features for managing detailed information on contacts and organizations, membership services, event registrations, and constituent engagement.

The membership sub-module can manage membership activation via member effective and expiration dates. Optionally, you could assign user roles to Drupal users associated with active individual or organizational memberships. Memberships are a custom entity type/bundle. Therefore, memberships can be extended with additional fields.

But most importantly, we discuss how to configure / setup a contact relationship site using RedHen.

I have also provide a drush make file so you can create your own site as well as a git bash script that runs all of the drush enable commands to enable the appropriate modules.


About Dennis Solis

Dennis Solis has over 30 years experience as an application software designer, developer, and a business analyst. He is also a graduate of the Drupal Easy Career Starter program taught by Mike Anello of Druapl Easy podcast fame.

He is currently developing a replacement web site for the National Sons of American Veterans, a membership site with 23,000+ members. The development of the public facing web site has been been completed, and Dennis is implementing:

  • Membership / user management
  • Membership expiration and membership renewal
  • Dues management
  • Charitable Project Reporting

And yes, this is where RedHen come in. As part of his contribution to the Drupal community, Dennis is in the process of writing the installation and site building documentation for the RedHen modules.

At the 2012 South Florida Drupal Camp Dennis presented a session on WebForm 4.0. In addition, he can be found in the Drupal suport and drupal-flordia IRC chat rooms - where he helps when ever possible. Dennis also attends the Drupalistas online virtual study group as a participant/mentor.

Dennis spends a lot of time blowing through the swamp of Central Florida on his air boat, or fixing other people's PCs. He also assists the Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless of Brevard County, a local non-profit, works on some local Sons of AMVETS projects. Occasionally he finds a little time for hiking and scuba diving.