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Florida DrupalCamp 2013

Sat. April 20, 2013 @ Florida Technical College in Orlando, FL


Calendars for All Occasions

Site Building | Intermediate

One big advantage Drupal has over other CMS competitors is the ability to attach Date fields to anything, and pull them out into Views with the Calendar module. This is only the beginning.

Raising the Bar for Drupal: WSCCI, Scotch & Vodka (and Rum!)

Development & Performance | Intermediate

This session is a deep dive into the data structures and paradigms introduced in Drupal 8 / Symfony2, looking at key initiatives to uncover the fundamental changes in Drupal architecture and new...

Anatomy of a Freelancer

Project Mgmt, Sales and Consulting | Intermediate

What makes a good Freelancer? Is being a Nine-to-Fiver really that bad? Is there something in our DNA that makes us good or bad at being a Freelancer or an Employee?

Contrib First

Project Mgmt, Sales and Consulting | Beginner

Most of us create modules or themes as part of our daily jobs but only a fraction of them get released.

Utilizing Features Module for Site Configuration Management

Site Building | Beginner

The Features module allows you to encapsulate functionality and configuration information normally stored in the Drupal database and save it as managed code.

Designers do it in the browser

Theming, Design & Usability | Intermediate

STOP using PhotoShop, Fireworks and any other tools that _don't_ output HTML, CSS and JS. We've all been there: endless revisions across multiple files, figuring out what "Layer 37 copy copy copy...

Git-Flow for daily use

Development & Performance | Intermediate

You've been using GIT now. You are using GIT right? In this session we'll look at how to improve your workflow with the process of Git-Flow. We'll look into how to setup a Git-Flow repo and day...

Import and Map Over 5,000 Points of Interest in 45 Minutes

Site Building | Beginner

Drupal is an incredibly powerful content management system with an enourmous number of well-written, extendible, and flexible contributed modules.

Drupal for Publishers: How to build a better newsroom CMS

Site Building | Intermediate

Drupal is all about content management, which makes it perfect for all sorts of media outlets. But those outlets, whether newspaper, television, or magazine, have specific needs that need to be...

Starting & Growing a Drupal-based Business: 6 Valuable Lessons I Have Learned

Project Mgmt, Sales and Consulting | Beginner

This session will dive into the history of Mediacurrent. Sorry, Mediacurrent is not a VC-backed, Silicon-Valley based, recurring revenue product company that has a 3-year hyper-growth plan to do...

Move my content! - Migrating legacy content into Drupal using the Migrate project

Site Building | Intermediate

So your client wants a shiny new Drupal site. Great! But how do they get all their non-Drupal legacy data into the new system?

Data Visualization

Development & Performance | Intermediate

I will present google_chart_tools, a Drupal module for data visualization. It is used for creating rich interactive charts. It uses Google Chart Tools (GCT), a Javascript API, for creating...

A Beginners Guide to Views

OS Training Beginner's Track | Beginner

This is Part 5 of our day-long Drupal beginner track.

This will be a very practical, hands-on demonstration aimed directly at Drupal beginners.

Non-evil XSS with Drupal & EasyXDM

Development & Performance | Intermediate

Most of us are used to seeing "Cross Site Scripting (XSS)" showing up as a common theme in our Drupal Security Advisories every Wednesday as the exposed vulnerability when contributed module...

Can RedHen hold all of your contacts in one basket?

Site Building | Intermediate

What is a CRM and who needs one? It is a contact relationship management module that lets you manage BOTH authenticated site user and anonymous user contact information.

Getting SASSy with Drupal

Theming, Design & Usability | Intermediate

Wouldn't it be great if you could use variables, nesting, operators/functions and more in your CSS? With SASS you can!

Sharpening the Axe

Theming, Design & Usability | Beginner

A wise man once said "If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend 6 sharpening my axe." Preparation and planning are integral to successful design.

Coder review

Development & Performance | Intermediate

I developed Coder to help developers write better code.

A Beginners Guide to Drupal

OS Training Beginner's Track | Beginner

We go over all the basics you'll need to get the most out of your day at DrupalCamp Florida.

- What Drupal is and isn't.
- The workflow for building Drupal sites
- How to speak...

Build a Complete Business App with Webform Module

Site Building | Intermediate

Webform is an amazing and very versatile Drupal module, and you can do a lot by just configuring it. But did you know that with just...